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 Tutorial for Beginers

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PostSubject: Tutorial for Beginers   Wed Jun 13, 2012 9:00 pm

Ok. Here is a tutorial for those who are not familiar with Roleplay servers.

What is Roleplay [RP]?

Roleplay is playing a role. A roleplay server is a server where you act as a person. You can choose what you want to roleplay. If in real life you are a calm person, you can choose to create yourself a crazy roleplay person to be a contrary to yourself. There are many greate things about roleplay. Roleplaying a character is really fun, because it gives you the opportunity to think about what your character would do in different situations.

In Character [IC]

In character is everything related to your character. Using nurmal chat is In Character. If you wanna talk about your new iPhone 4, you must use /b for local Out Of Character [OOC]. Everything you type In Characer [IC] is considerate as if it was your character talking. Don't forget to create a unique character, original. Give your character a personality.

Out Of Character[OOC]

Out Of Character is everything NOT related to your character, OR everything that needs explanations. To talk in Out Of Character chat, you need to use /b command In Game. A good example of Out Of Character quiestion would be: You are Roleplaying a frisk on someone as a cop, but you are not sure if the person has a wallet, you can use /b and ask "Do you have a wallet In Character?" If the Person says Yes, you can continue your RP and Roleplay to find the wallet. If the person say No, you would simple continue your roleplaying without the wallet of the person.

Non Roleplay [Non-RP]

The Non Roleplay term is used when someone is doing things that wouldn't done In Real Life [IRL]. For example, bunnyhopping. Bunnyhoping is pressing your space bar/shift all the time to jump forward, making you go faster that a person. When you are arrested and cuffed with your arms in the back, it is Non Roleplay to running away. It is also non rp yo uncuff yourself, see pwergaming section.
Another example for non RP is: Killing someone for hitting your car. Many people say "Oh I am in a gang I will kill you if you wreck my car.." Well that's wrong. Even if some people probably done it already, do you think you would waste your life in jail simply because someone rammed your car be accident IRL? Probably not. Depends on the context, killing someone for ramming your car is considered Non RP.
Killing someone in a public place such as Bacnk parking, Unity Station and crowded plase like that is also considered Non RP.

Metagaming [MG]

Metagaming is using Out Of Character [Real life if you prefer] information that you recieved for an In Character advantage. Classic example is, you see someone named William_Templeton walking on your left and you say "Hi William!". You can't do that because you are checking his name over his head, and in real life, people don't have name tags over their head. What you need to do is something like, "Hello sir, what's your name?" If he tell you James, you will call him James. Don't start being like, "Hey I think your name is not James.." that would be wrong.
Another example, you see a Los Surenos member walking at the bank parking and you ask him: How can I join the Los Surenos?". First of all, this is Metagaming of skins, just because someone is wearing a blue bandana doesn't make him a Los Surenos member. Another example of metagaming would be You and a guy are alone somewhere. You see your Health [HP] bar and it's full but the other player HP bar is almost empty. Looking for beef without a reason with this player and killing him quickly is kinda metagaming his HP bar and this makes a poor RP situation. Going to the HQ of a faction just because you saw their cars there is also metagaming during a war.
There are many forms of metagaming but the Name over the head and the metagame of skins faction are the most commons.

Pwergaming [PG]

Powergaming is playing without giving a chance to the other palyers to react. Using your binds in 1 second to jack someone can is powergaming. Breaking your cuffes by hitting them on a rock is poergaming. Running away when being tacked by two persons is powergaming. Nobody in gami is Chuck Norris and you gotta get over it. Spamming your binds to tackles someone or to jack him is powergaming. You gotta give the other player a chance to react, else, what can he do? Forcing someone to do what you ask him is also powergaming. /me tackles the person [/usecrack] is POWERGAMING. If you are alone, you can't force anyone to do /usecrack. If the person tackled doesn't try to avoind it or don't RP a way out, then you could ask the person ir /b to go on the ground. Shooting the cuffs of someone with your gun is powergaming.

Roleplay To Win

Roleplay To Win is Roleplaying and always winning. For example, you are being tacked by two persons and you do /me rolls on the side evading the two persons. and then you just run away.. This is Powergaming but also RP To Win. Many people RP To Win to avoid situatins that they don't like. TP To Win goes to the Powergaming section. IF you are tied and you do .me grabs his knife and cuts the rope and runs away , this is considered as powergaming, but it's a kind of RP To Win, whitch is technically winning the RP situation to get yourself out of trouble.

Revenge Kill [RK]

Revange Killing is when you get killed by someone or a group of persons and after that, the only thing you have in bind is to kill them back. When you get killed be someone, your short term memory is wiped. You totally forget about the person or the persons. It means that you can't go back where person(s) killed you and kill him back. If you invent a reason to kill the person(s) it is also Revenge Killing. For example Bob killed you with deagle for some reason, well if you spawn and run to him and say Hey man, get away this is my torf then start punching him, this is also considered as Revege Killing. Finally, when you get killed, don't go back at the person(s) who killed you backto look for trouble again.

Player Kill [PK]

A Player Kill happens everytime you die. Everytime you get killed by a player, you are PKed. When you enter a huge roleplay situation where a faction or just random people are about to kill you for In Character reason.. To make it simple, you forget about what happened recently.
Now, Player Kill only happens when asomeone is leaving a faction/family or is getting kicked out of it. When you are Player Killed, you can not remember things such as, your faction, your worst enemy or the place you died. If you do that, is considered Non-RP.

Character Kill [CK]

A ck means your life is over. You're finished. Everything that happened in the pas is over. You will have to start a new character with a different name if you wanna play again.

Non RP Driving

Non Roleplay Driving is drivinf like a people in the movie Mad Max. You can be kicked and warned for that. Ramming every poles of the city and driving on the wrong side of the road is considered Non RP Driving.

Deathmatch [DM]

Deathmatching is the action ti kill players without a reason. You can not Toleplay to be a psychopath and to kill everyone. This is Deathmatch and it is totally NOT authorized. There are many forms of DM. Punching random people is DMing. Looking for some beef with everyone just to punch them is also DMing.

Car DM

Car Deathmatching is when you ram people on the side walk with your car or when you park on people and they die. Car DM is really annoying and it is Non RP. Parking on someone can get you warned or even banned. Ramming people for no reason is considered Car DM. Do not do that!

Out Of Character Insults

OOC Insults is when you insult someone outside your character context. Example, Jake and Bob are talking. Jake say /b You are a fucking piece of shit Bob. Bob can Screenshot this and report Jake on forums for OOC Insult. Note that your dumb is NOT considered as OOC Insult. Also saying in /b your character looks ugly or like a gay is not a OOC Insult, you are simply talking about the character look of the player, not about the player himself.

Roleplaying Car Jack

Every car that you are stealing must be roleplayed. Parked cars, already started cars etc.. They must ALL be roleplayed jacked with at least 3 /me commands.
To PR jack someone car you should do something like that:
/me breaks the window with his elbow
/me unlocks the door and opens it
/me grabs the driver and throw him outside

If you are using binds, wait atleast 2 or 3 seconds between each of your bond, else it will be a powergamed car jack.

IF the car is in a parking, you should do something like:
/me looks around and gets close to the car
/me try to open the door
/do the door is locked
/me breaks the window and unlocks the door
/me opens the door and gets on the seat
/me close the door and crouchs under the driving board
/me searches for a red wire (something like this)
/me removes the red wire and connects it with the green one
/me succesfully hotwires the car
/car engine

Action Commands

In SAMP, the actions that can't be seen by other players must be done with /me and /do.
/me is basically telling to others players what is your character doing.
/me scratsh his head.. (that shows to other players that you are scratching your head)

/do is basically telling the other players a specific situation or it can be used as a small chat between /me actions.
/do the window is open (If oyu are in a car.. And it shows to other players that your car wondow is already opened)
The /me and /do commands are good to create a smooth environment of Roleplay.
If you are with many people, it is always fun to do multiplies /me to interact with the others.

Your Character Personality

If you decide that your character gets nervous really fast, please, always Roleplay as that. In real life, when you have mental problems or physical problems, they rarely gets awya after tree hours or 1~2 days. If you are tired of Roleplaying a nervous character for some reason, Roleplay take pills to control it, so it will add even more RP and it will give even more personality to your character. You will now be a stressed person that takes pills to control himself. This is really interesting when you decide to put multiplies characteristics to your character.


Binds are really importand in SAMP. One thing you need to remember is that, binds shou;d NOT be used because you're too lazy to type but simply for things that need to be written really fast. For example, cops need to have binds because during a chase, they don't have the time to type on their keyboard whatever they want, so they use binds such as /backup to call for backup instead of typing it with their hands and risking to loose their chase.
For civilians and gangs, mafias, the binds should be used for things that needs to be done quickly too, such as openning the trunk of their car and taking out an MP5.
NOTE: Binds like: /me opens the trunk and takes out an MP5/M4/Shotgun are NOT good. Your binds are not to freaking menu option. The bind needs to be CLEAR and should be self-explanatory.
You can download a keybind programe HERE

Starting in the server

As a new player, your objectives should be the following:
    ¤Earn Money¤
    ¤Make yourself a repulation¤
    ¤Enjoy your time on the server¤

>>Earn Money<<

[Legal Jobs]
Taxi Driver [Taxi Driver Job. Driving around costumers for a certain price. You can earn between 1~500 per 16 seconds]

Car Mechanic [Repait and Refill vehicles for the price you want]

Craftsman [Make Deals and Sell usefull things such as screwdrivers, GPS etc]

[And Much More]

[Illegal Jobs]

Guns Dealer

Drugs Dealer

Drugs Smuggler

[And much more]

>>Make yourself a reputation<<

You can make yourself a reputation on the server by roleplaying with factions. Roleplaying with important factions will make you get in contact with tons of members from the community.
Try to be active. I suggest you try roleplaying with people on the streets [In Game] and and that you apply for a civilian faction that you like. And when you feel ready for the big jump, apply for an official faction.


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Tutorial for Beginers
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