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 Report against Officer Max_Mine (asspull) (poor rp)

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PostSubject: Report against Officer Max_Mine (asspull) (poor rp)   Thu Jul 05, 2012 11:15 am

He asspulled and also I dont think his rp is good enough to be a cop.

The officer confronts me about my car sitting in the street.

Quote :
[14:00:34] Max Mine shouts: Sir!!

[14:00:37] ** Senior Admin Fresh Rocker: you mad ?

[14:00:41] Dustyn Myatt shouts: yes sir?!

[14:00:46] ** Silver VIP Adam Hardy: i though its chips

[14:00:51] (American accent) Max Mine says: sir would you please move

[14:00:55] Dustyn Myatt says: sure

The Officer Drive around a corner to find my car blocking the road, and me with a high powered assault rifle.

Quote :
[14:02:59] Dustyn Myatt shouts: Hello piggy!!!

[14:03:09] [Agent Max Mine< Sir Put the Gun down and your hand in the air]

[14:03:11] * Dustyn Myatt aims the gun at the officer and unloads a clip

[14:03:12] PlayerKick: Fresh Rocker was kicked by Paul Anon, reason: bad

[14:03:43] You fell unconscious, you were immediately sent to the hospital.

[14:03:43] Dustyn Myatt: (( wtf??? 1hit?) ((He asspulled here))

[14:03:44] ** Silver VIP Adam Hardy: uses their remote to close the ass.

[14:03:44] Your report message was sent to the Admins On Duty, please wait patiently!

[14:03:48] Before you are discharged, hospital staff will confiscate your weapons.

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PostSubject: Re: Report against Officer Max_Mine (asspull) (poor rp)   Fri Jul 13, 2012 7:10 am

Hello, i am not an admin, but what i will do is give him a strike from LSPD, if he gets 2 more, he will be removed from LSPD.
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Report against Officer Max_Mine (asspull) (poor rp)
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