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 [SASP]Application Format

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PostSubject: [SASP]Application Format   Mon Apr 23, 2012 1:27 pm

Read this entire thread before applying, it will show if you haven't, and your application will be denied

Please observe these guidelines during the recruitment process:

- Your application must follow the correct format (found below), failure to follow this format will result in your application being denied.

- Before applying, ensure you have read fully the SASP Manual found in the Department of Justice section.

- Before applying, ensure you have read fully the laws of San Fierro also found in the Department of Justice section.

- MUST have acceptable GRAMMER in order to be accepted

- The more effort you put into your application, the better your chances are of being accepted. If you're having trouble thinking of what to include in your application, look over the recruitment archives to see what others have included in their applications. Do not simply copy someone elses application, we will notice and your application will be denied. Applications are your way of showing not just how good you are at RP, but also your language skills, maturity, etc. If you can't spell, or don't bother putting any effort into your application, it will be denied. This is particularly important for the final two IC questions, the answers to both of which should be paragraphs, not one line sentences. Be aware that you're unable to edit your posts in these section, so ensure you've read over your application carefully before submitting.

- Applications are there to allow other officers to leave feedback in a person's application, all non-officer replies will be deleted from an applicant's thread.

- Character birth date assumes the in-game year is 2011. Ensure the D.O.B. field reflects this.

- If, your application is acceptable, you will be asked to do an interview. It's a chance for you to impress us. We don't want suckups, we want people who want to be cops for reasons other than the power it brings. Have a story, roleplay with us, ask us questions.

- Anyone with a history of attacking police officers, CIA agents, or fire/medic personnel in any way, on any alt, without a valid RP reason, need not apply.

This is the current application process, outlined here and detailed step-by-step below.

- Step 1: Post your application in the Archive folder.
- Step 2: Wait for the chief of police or his designated representative to either accept or deny your application
- Step 3: Do an interview. Details will be shared in your application. CADETS DO NOT COUNT AS OFFICERS FOR THE PURPOSE OF INTERVIEWS.
- Step 4: If the officer posts his/her approval of you, you will be hired as a cadet for a week to see how you handle being in the PD

Step 1: Application.
This is the current SFPD application form. Your thread must include your character's full name only in the title. Do NOT bold your answers. Copy the code below and paste in a new thread in the Archieve folder:

IC Information
Full name:
Date and place of birth:
Phone number:
Brief life story ( Keep this less than 150 words ):
Previous employment:
Have you ever been arrested? If so, explain:
Why would you make a good police officer?
In your opinion, why do you think you would be an asset to the SFPD:

OOC Information
Average hours online daily:
Time zone:
Country of origin:
Native language:
Can you read, write, and speak English fluently?
Do you have Teamspeak, with a working microphone?
SA:MP RP experience:
Have you ever been a cop on any other server? If so, which and for how long?
Do you have any real life policing experience? If so, list what department, amount of years on the job, current rank.
Is the TV show Cops an accurate representation of police work, real or otherwise?
SFR gang experience:
Will your police officer account be your main character?
List any other characters you have ever made ( You may PM them to a recruiter if you do not wish to publicly list them ):
Post 1 screenshot of your '/stats' here:

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[SASP]Application Format
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