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 Report against X_Devil family

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PostSubject: Report against X_Devil family   Fri Jul 13, 2012 7:17 am

The devil fam NEEDS to be removed, they DM, MG, non RP, all the time! I am sick of them! They alwyas drive around in monster trucks because they know that we can't do much! PLEASE remove them the fam! I have seen loads of admins fine/warn/kick-ing them all atleast 3 times, they invite all random new players. Here is the chatlog from the last DM:
[17:02:21] To select the next radio press Y and to select the prior radio press N

[17:04:45] Your report message was sent to the Admins On Duty, please wait patiently!

[17:04:47] Martin X Devil shouts: get in!

[17:04:47] Jason Holmes: (( Nice DM guys ))

[17:04:56] Jason Holmes: (( STOP DMING FFS! ))

[17:11:47] (( Administrator Myers: Alright guys. Who wants a free car? ))

[17:11:47] (( Administrator Myers: All you have to do, is find me, I'm in SF, and the first person to find me wins a Free Car! ))

[17:11:47] (( Administrator Myers: The clue is.... ))

[17:11:47] (( Administrator Myers: You guys like pizza? ))

[17:11:57] You gave up hope and fell unconscious, you were immediately sent to the hospital.

[17:11:57] Before you are discharged, hospital staff will confiscate your weapons.

[17:12:19] Your report message was sent to the Admins On Duty, please wait patiently!

[17:12:31] DOC: Your Medical Bill comes to $2,000, Have a nice day.

[17:12:31] (( Look for the insurance points next to each hospital. Type /insurehelp for more details. ))

[17:12:33] (( Administrator Myers: I'm at Pier 69. Come get me ;] ))
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PostSubject: Re: Report against X_Devil family   Sun Jul 15, 2012 12:58 am

No action will be taken due to you hven't shown us clearly that they DMed.. Try to get ScreenShots/Video next time.
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Report against X_Devil family
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