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 Complaint against Administrator Paul

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PostSubject: Complaint against Administrator Paul   Sun Jul 15, 2012 3:50 am

Well, Yesterday He's IRL Friend Bobi_Break was about to be arrested by me, Then even though i have used /me and /do in frisking him... cuffing him... and detaining him..., PAUL Jailed me For PG....

Now, I also about to Arrest and Detain Bobi Break, He again jailed me For PG?, and he excuses that Bobi Dont know how to RP.., What an Answer... And he also rejected my report to open the gate cause i Rp'ly destroyed it...Well i got the pictures of what i did.....

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PostSubject: Re: Complaint against Administrator Paul   Sun Jul 15, 2012 4:11 am

Dear Moe,

About yesterday, i didn't jailed you because you were about to arrest Bobi_Break, or because i know him irl. It wasn't a favourism (LOL). I did it because I thought you PGed. After a while I figured out that you didn't so I released you and said sorry. (Then you OOC'ly offended me saying that i should be called [dump] not [null]. Anyway..lets skipt this).. Furthermore, you requested to redo the RP with Bobi's arrest.. So i TPed him and you at the same spot you were about to arrest him, but you said "too late" (LOL). anyway.. Today you RPly wanted to blow up the gates while Bobi was near them.. So you blew them up.. Rply Bobi whould have died due to he was near the gates where the two C4 were placed.. but you said that he wouldn't (lol).. After that when you finally detained him and were heading to your arrest point, you asked his name and Bobi didn't answer so you did /do Auto S - Din not respond, so i got your name.. Then you did /frisk Bobi. At this point you PGed.. so i jailed you.

Paul Cartel
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Complaint against Administrator Paul
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