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 Requirements to joining the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

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PostSubject: Requirements to joining the Federal Bureau of Investigation.   Sat Jul 28, 2012 4:18 am

Hello, if you are wondering how to join the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and want to have an exciting career as well as serve your community in a great way, the Bureau is for you! The fact that you are already looking at this piece of paper is a sign that you at least are interested. We at the Bureau are looking for bright young men and women looking to fight crime at some of its most highest, powerful, and dangerous roots. We serve as a Federal Law Enforcement Agency, meaning we tackle crime coming in or going out of the United States, we conduct felony-level STING operations, we go after most wanted criminals and escapee's, conduct felony level search and seizures, assist Local Law Enforcement, and have entire US Jurisdiction. The requirements to joining our agency are high, for we are looking for only the best of the best. Even if your application is accepted, you will have to be interviewed, as well as put threw training. Once you are threw training you will be an Agent of the FBI.

We investigate National, State-wide, and Local Criminal Activity

Requirements to Getting Accepted.

1. You must be between the ages of 21-36 at the time of applying.
2. You must have had at least 4 years of previous Law Enforcement experience ((2 Months, with an application link of you being accepted, and a note to your department that you are leaving to join the FBI.))
3. You must have 3 Recommendations from other Law Enforcement or Government officials, 1 of a high command and 2 of local officers. ((The National Guard, Medical and Firefighting Department, and Government are all also accepted, Rank 0's are not accepted.))
4. You must have less than 15 arrests and crimes at the time of applying.
5. You must not be a well known trouble maker.
6. You must write a 1000 word bibliography of yourself, the more words - the better.

((Created By Charlie Sheen, Limited Gaming Copyright - 2012.
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Requirements to joining the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
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