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 Donation Information

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PostSubject: Donation Information   Sat May 05, 2012 6:05 pm

Donation Packages:

Custom Car (1 Free car of your choise): USD 3

Bronze Vip (One month): USD 4.99
Silver Vip (One month): USD 9.99

Gold VIP (First month): USD 29.99
Gold VIP (Renewals):USD 12.99

House (You can have 1 Free house in any Town at any Place: USD 20.00

House Interior Change (You can have a New interior for your house: USD 1.99

Special Edition House (2 Free gate + 1 Free Door + 1 Free Costum Car at your choise: USD 35.00

House Gates (2 free Gates for your house): USD 10.00

Custom Gang HQ (Make a Family with a HQ location at your choise and 16 Free Vehicles for your gang: USD 49.99

Custom Coding Project: USD 60

Special Offer: (Platinum VIP for ever + 1 Free House + 3 House Gates with House Special Edition + Make your Own Costum Coding Project): USD 60

NEW!: Gold Rims for your cars! Make any car look epic! USD 3 per car!

NOTE: All Payments are going through paypal. Once you donated let us know via ingame or PM so we can sort your donater rank out.
NOTE: Packages may not always be the same and can be changed.
NOTE: Send the money to as gift and put what item you are buying in message.

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Donation Information
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