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 Introducing the new Chief Advisor

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PostSubject: Introducing the new Chief Advisor   Fri Aug 31, 2012 1:20 am

Hello Members of Limited Roleplay.

My name is Joey J Ridenour and I, as you may be aware, am the new Chief Advisor.
I would like to begin by saying that we are currently looking for Helpers and that applications are currentlyOPEN and that you may apply by clicking HERE

Please note, if you make an application asking to be a Community Advisor, it will be instantly denied.
The process of becoming a Community Advisor is as follows:

Step 1: Apply to become a Helper.

Step 2: Spend some time as a Helper and get to know everyone.

Step 3: If the Chief Advisor sees that you are hard working, he may make you a CA.

Step 4: If there is no Senior Advisor for your timezone and the Chief Advisor knows you are capable, you may be promoted.

Step 5: If the Chief Advisor retires for whatever reason, the Administrative Team will pick a new Chief Advisor.
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Introducing the new Chief Advisor
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