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 Varrios Los Aztecas

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PostSubject: Varrios Los Aztecas   Sat Oct 13, 2012 6:09 am

Gang name : Varrios Los Aztecas
Gang leader name : Tazz_G_Equinox
Co-Leader name : N/A
Yes i have 20,000$ in my bank
My Story is :
In 1980, the third civil war took place in Latin America El Salvador Civil War. Thoughout the conflictions of poor and wealth a corrupt military grew forth establishing and causing the creation of the Varrios Los Aztecasorganization. At first the gang was formed to fight against the military forces allowing them to gain more and more youth and older minded Salvadorians. This soon took a turn in 1992, where the war ended and the goals of Varrios Los Aztecas took a mass change after the Civil War. Soon after only did the reputation of the gang was recognized, leaving goals of Horro, Respect, Local Control, and etc. In the spread of Varrios Los Aztecas this even took place took place as a request from the leaders in El Salvador's prison which gave the orders.In October 25, 1993 a group of young men migrated from El Salvador across Mexico and into Los Santos to escape the brutal and troubled economy from their home towns, but little did they know what was yet to come. In El Salvador,La Liberta, Zapotitan a town in which a young man named Cristian Arias was raised till the age of twelve. He was already taking vital actions into a gang named La Mara Salvatrucha. He was just ten years old when he got jumped into the organization yet not fully ivolved for the streets he came to know. He was forced to migrate with both parents and sent on a mission to locate any Varrios Los Aztecas members around Los Santos and unite them. As Cristian's journey continued as he hopped the trains setting to Mexico he lost his Father by Border Patrol Police men, and his mother was later taken by 18th Street members (Chavalas) and brutally beaten to death. Days after Cristian had almost given up the journey and his mission he met a young fat chunky Salvadorian named Salvador Flore. Salvador was immitated for his weight carrying the nickname of 'Tiny'. Salvador was raised in the streets of Uzulutan where he scattered the roads without his family with only his 'homeboys' to comfort him he left to seek more than what he seeked. As they settled into Los Santos there had already been a gang settled in North which never became a threat but was a problem as Surenos; Florencia Avenue X3. Soon after most of the members from the gang evaded Los Santos due to snitches and police tracking Cristian quickly became familiar with the streets surrounded by his former Truchas and even new ones. They both settled in Unity sharing a large home with a high ranked Asesinos locos member named Plata. No one ever got to know Plata's name and no one ever wanted to, he was the guy to stick up for Cristian and Salvador in their younger days just with a stare to the eye. Soon later as Cristian and Salvador adapted to the streets Los Santos. Growing up with nothing but the love shared by Varrios Los Aztecas their brutality and criminal records only grew as they did themselves. In July 23, 2011 Plata was killed by an unknown hired assasin. Both Cristian and Salvador were old enough to keep the house in which Plata left in Cristian's name just incase he would disappear or be killed. For some time both Cristian and Salvador stood home where they smoked counterless blunts of weed attempting to relieve stress for their loved ones. Cristian slowly came up with the conclusion in leading the Varrios Los Aztecas crew,Plata had left behind and starting a Chapter within the area of Unity. They started out with just a couple of inked members short, but soon their mission was complete which led to the arrival and support of even more Varrios Los Aztecas affiliated Salvadorians led by Alejandro Portoquez also known as Seeds, and Miguel Cruz also known as Jojo. As the chains tie closer and tighter within the gang's understanding and goals, it becomes yet more clearer that it was a blessing from La Mara to uphold the dreams and opportunities Cristiand and Salvador would have never imagined. Now as grown men they lay side by side furfilling the rightful duties as Jefes to the clique. With the Chapter just beginning Locos Salvatrucha13 was created.. leaving murder raise at rise, immigration at a drastic increase, and all human, weapon, and drug trafficking. There only yet but one rule all these men stand by to show their loyalty and respect to la Mara Salvatrucha and that is "You snitch, you Die." During the years in Los Santos there had been many conflictions and betrayals. In the times Jesus Portroquez also known as Dice was sent to El Salvador for an unknown ammount of time to hold Asesinos locos duty in the home land where he was questioned for his loyalty but still alive! Of course the gang was yet another success in the goals of Varrios Los Aztecas but still yet to achieve with everything expected from the imprisoned leaders. Varrios Los Aztecas quickly took action in publicity, tagging up brutal beating to certain civilians. As a result the gang has still not reached it's official level of violence but it's on the rise and no one can tell who may stop these Latin bonds. The demonic preaching and salvation in these men and women show characterstics of heartless actions and fearless emotions. They're determined to die for what they velieve is meaningful and determined to fight towards and vast enemy in the name of La Mara.Months Later...Since the death of "Cristian Arias" The gang stared to decrease on members and everything the gang was doing at those times,Later on Cruzito's was recommended by some members to call for some help from the gangs up in "El Salvador" So they send him a new guy and that new guy was Cruzito's brother by the name ******** Also know as Psycho.When Psycho was settle on Los Santos.
Skin's :
1 - 114
2 - 115
3- 116
4 - 173
5 - 174
- 175

Members :
1 - Tazz_G_Equinox
2 - N/A
3 - N/A
4 - N/A
5- N/A
ill get more..
ill invite friends to the server and invite them to the server.
Cars : 466,474,475,560,487

HQ : Sorry, but i have a problem with Screenshot, Meet me IG and ill show you, thank you.
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PostSubject: Re: Varrios Los Aztecas   Sun Oct 14, 2012 12:10 am

I will set your application on Pending till you get more starting members and post them here.
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Varrios Los Aztecas
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