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 West Side Holmes Application.

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PostSubject: West Side Holmes Application.   Sun Oct 21, 2012 7:02 am

Gang name : West Side Holmes

Gang Leader : Bob Cool

Co-Leader : Chino G Equinox

My Story is :

The "West Holmes" was created by a person called ‘Bob Cool’. Which all start when Bob was thrown out from a gang and he decided to start his own crew. Firstly he started speaking with his friend Martin about his idea which was recently at high school. Martin was thinking about it as he after a month or so he decided to follow Mo's idea. After that, Mo collected all his money and bought a small apartment which was neede to get his own crew a good crib to hang at. First of all Mo started to create some rules and brought some friends from his old gang. Mo in instantion didn't elaborated with rules so he was hiring everyone with the only aspect as rule "Respect has to be earned" and always "Follow the orders of the Don’’. Straight after that Martin took some cash that he had saved and bought some good looking clothes for his members as a Big Holmes it was his task to do so..Unfortunately Martin had to pack up his stuff and move at East Side due some problems with the LEO’s. So the gang was taken over by Mo, Martin had his own plans to make his own crew at East Beach with some homies of him. That was the failure begin it was a big fault of Martin.. leaving The West Side Holmes, Mo couldn't hold the apartmen, he had to sell it or else he would’ve get thrown out of his house and wouldn’t even receive a single penny.. He was running the crew just as a Street Gang, the crew had do be part of Drug Deals, Arms Deals.. to stay up and survive, that was the failure begin of the West Side Holmes.

The further gang regroupation
Mo Freeman and Martin Soprano around in 1989 decided to unite their local gang members from the west and east sides of South Central Los Santos in order to battle other gangs which have some good and worthfully property.. Most of the members were 17 years old, Mo had no other choice, he needed the young members, as they were the only few members who he had left, he had in his memory: Blue Rage, Black Redemption. Gang activity in South Central Los Santos has its roots in a variety of factors dating back to the 1970s and '80s, including past-World War II economic decline leading to joblessness and poverty, racial segregation leading to the formation of black "street clubs" by young American men who were excluded from organizations such as the Bad Boys, and the mighty black nationalist organizations such as the Chicanos'

The original name of the crew was ‘’West Holmes " a name narrowed down from a list of many options, and chosen anonymous from the three final choices, which included the Black Overlords, and the Assassins. West Holmes was chosen to reflect the young age of the majority of the gang members. The name "West Holmes" generated into the name "West Side Holmes" when gang members began carrying around canes to display their "pimp" status. People in the neighbourhood then began calling them "Nuevo Holmes", or "Holmes" for shortcuts . A Los Santos Senitel article in February 1992 referred to some members as "Dia West".The name had no political, organizational, cryptic, or acronymic meaning, though some have suggested it stands for Common Revolution In Progress. Mo, in his memory, how ever, it was claimed that the group was a spin-off of the Black Panther Party or formed for a community agenda, the name "depicted a fighting alliance against street gangs—nothing more, nothing less. Francis, who attended Fremont High School, was the leader of Mo and Martin, he led the West Side Holmes
W.S.H (West Side Holmes) as they were called in the news papers those days, actually, it was a sort of signal to the crew. Mo re-anticipated that a blue and a white bandana was first weared by a West Side Holmes founding member to their god, as a part of his color-coordination, blue clothes, Navy's, a blue shirt, and dark blue pair of shoes.. A blue bandana was weared in tribute to their god after he was shot and killed on February 23, 1993, which eventually became the color of blue associated with West Side Holmes. that any member at the time could be tested has to be asked to wear a blue-white bandana around his head or his pulse..

The West Side Holmes became popular throughout southern Los Santos and San Fierro, as more young gangs became alliances.. The biggest come back of West Side Holmes was when they raided a Mexican Crew, West Side Holmes slaughtered them, later on, they moved on towards the Zodiac’s, Chillers, Bishops, all were terminated by the West Side. 1991 - the gang's society had spread across Los Angeles. Furthermore after a lot work and friendship with a lot rich guys and good friendly gangs West Side Holmes made it and got their own HQ formed, and had a crib again. After a year of being legal, a gang member killed a West Side Holmes member, it became a hard mind Gang and made the conspiracy of promise that it wont happen again. As soon as that happened, Mo made some deals with another gangs and earned some money. The money was used to buy some Constructive Gates for their Headquarter as Mo referred to be more protected from driver-bys.

The early 1995s the gang was participating with drug trades.. Some of the "Holmes" had a set to begin and produce distribute phencyclidines within town. They also began to distribute marijuana and amphetamine in Los Santos and San Fierro which made it illegal but it was a smart crew. Early 1995, West Side Holmes started distributing crack and cocaine in Los Santos. The huge profits resulted from crack and cocaine distribution incluced many W.S.H members to establish new markets in another cities and states. In addition, many young men in other states adopted the West Side Holmes''Homes'' name and lifestyle. As a result of these two factories,West Side Holmes memberships increased throughout the 1994-96s, making it one of the largest street gang associations in the country. Furthermore the deals of crack,pot and marijuana was making approximate the best profit they ever used to make, the crew ordered some clothes and bought some cars for the crew the day that the Don'Vato said "We got the money, let’s starting using it on useful things and don’t waste it out’’. After buying some Gangster looking cars like 'Blades' and some other gangster clothes and accessories like Blue and white bandanas. Then when the crew was having the necessary things, it was just start rolling around and started to recruit some new members..

Civil Department Factions in the Los Santos Department of Criminal Justice (Department of Corrections) caught activities of the West Side Holmes. Gangs within 1990 were started to get suspicious, they formed multiple gangs in prison, which may sound a little of complicated, but it was true. The West Side Bloods has become one of the most violent gangs in the prison of Los Santos-San Fierro and has now spread its tentacles to the streets on both sides of the San Andreas (Los Santos/San Fierro) border in southwest to Doherby and southeast Chinatown. Many of the original inmate members were from the West San Fierro area of Galton Heights but since organizing, they have permitted some inmates from other parts of the State of Los Santos to join their ranks.

Like other prison gangs they attempt to control the prison system, and the inmates within the system, through illegal activity. Reported criminal activities have included heavy involvement with, drug trafficking organizations . The gang’s main source of income is derived from smuggling heroine, powdered cocaine, and marijuana from Other Countries like Mexico into the San Andreas for distribution both inside and outside prisons. Other criminal activities includes prostitution, kidnapping, arson, auto theft, extortion, intimidation of staff, assaults, and murder.

We do not have a specific tattoo but we have been known to use an Aztec scarf on your head. A tattoo with one feather signifies the rank of lieutenant and two feathers, the rank of Don Holmes.

The 3 R's..

In order to better understand ing the gang’s mentality, the following aspects are considered the "Three R's" of the gang’s structure:

(1) REPUTATION/REP: This is of critical concern to "gang bangers" . A rep extends not only to each individual, but to the gang as a whole. In some groups, status (or rank) is gained within the gang by having the most "juice" based largely on one's reputation. While being "juiced" it’s very important, the manner by which the gang member gains the "juice" is just as important. Gang members may establish their past gang activities in an attempt to impress others. Gang members may freely admit crimes to enhance their feeling of power.

(2) RESPECT: This is something everyone wants, and some gang members carry their desire for it to the extreme zone. Respect is actually not only the individual, but also for one's set or gang, family, territory, and various other things, real or perceived in the mind of the "gangbanger". Some gangs require by written or spoken regulation, that the gang member must always show disrespect to rival gang members. (Referred to in gang slang as dis). If a gang member witnesses a fellow member failing to dis a rival gang through hand signs, graffiti, or a simple "mad dog" or stare-down, they can issue a "violation" to their fellow posse member and he/she can actually be "beaten down" by their own gang as punishment. After the ‘’d is’’ has been issued, if it is witnessed, the third "R" will become of importance.

(3) RETALIATION/REVENGE: It must be of pure understanding that in our gang culture, no challenge goes unanswered. Many times, drive-by shootings and other acts of violence follow an event such as a "dis" (disrespect). A common occurrence is a confrontation between a gang set and single rival "gangbanger." Outnumbered, he departs the area and returns with his "homeboys" to complete the confrontation to keep his reputation intact. This may occur immediately or it may follow a delay for planning and obtaining the necessary equipment to complete the retaliatory strike. It must also be understood that many acts of violence are the result of bad drug deals or infringement on drug territory. Some question the authenticity of gang rivalry in shootings and other acts of violence. However, if a group of individuals are together committing either random or pre- planned violence, aren't they a gang? If the gang aspect is learned about, many crimes can be solved through the use of accurate intelligence gathering techniques by law enforcement agencies dealing with this problem. In gangbanging, today's witness is tomorrow's suspect, is the next day's victim, last but not least, respect has to be earned.

To start with..
Like all other gangs, West Side Holmes was having their own turfs. West Side Holmes usually takes over the turfs that where they usually were chilling around and get out for some fun without trouble. However they never ever let anyone take over the turf which was located at their apartment/Headquarter. That was abit hard as there were constantly some other gangs with no sign of respect and committed driver-bys, by shooting West Side Holmes and a lot of times they were hurt. For these reasons, higher-ups members of the gang were having guns on them. West Side Holmes was most of the times making Graffitis on the walls withon it stating things like..W.T.H or "West Side Holmes" Don't see you around. However making graffiti on private walls made West Side Holmes get in deep problems with the Police. As soon as the problem began "West Side Holmes" stopped making Graffiti instead of it they were fucking up other gang’s Graffiti by painting them with black Blue and White color as it was the main color of the gang..

The West Side Holmes didn’t care about the religion of any other gang member. They respect any religions of any member. They didn't care if you are Christian , Muslim or anything else. The rule of any religion was that any member of the gang was abusing another member's religion was thrown out of the gang. However West Side Holmes wasn't having any problems with each other, which helps the gang stood alive.
Furthermore they were always looking after their family, most of the times if a member was a father they avoided to take him at the turfs. However they always had dinner with their families as a tradition, and the night with the gang. Also the West Side Holmes was in TV and newspaper a dozens of times, them representing their own and structured style.

Rank 6: Don Holmes
Rank 5: Big Holmes
Rank 4: Holmes Avanzado
Rank 3: Dia West
Rank 2: Holmes
Rank 1: Nuevo Holmes

Rank 6 skin ID - 98

Rank 5 skin ID - 47

Rank 4 skin ID - 48

Rank 3 skin ID - 147

Rank 2 skin ID - 242

Rank 1 skin ID - 30

Members :
1.) Bob Cool
2.) Chino G Equinox
3.) Calvin D Enix
4.) Wayne D Enix
5.) Noctis G Equinox

2 Huntley's (( /colorcar 0 0 )),

2 Sultan's (( /colorcar 0 0 )),

1 Maverick (( /colorcar 0 0 )),

1 FCR-900 (( /colorcar 0 0 )),
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PostSubject: Re: West Side Holmes Application.   Wed Oct 24, 2012 9:54 am

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West Side Holmes Application.
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