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 Limited RolePlay Moderator Application || Tron Steven

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PostSubject: Limited RolePlay Moderator Application || Tron Steven   Fri Nov 02, 2012 12:04 am


Your In Game Name: Tron Steven
Your In Game Level: Five
Your Playing hours on the server: Three
Server Join Date: 02-11-2012
Current Help/Advisor Rank: -
What do you think you could bring to Limited Roleplay if selected as a Moderator?: I can help the server with helping New Players.
The main thing of a server is the online players. New players first check how many players online then they join the server. I will try my best as a Moderator to make New Player's permanent and regular. I am a Mapper too I can map with Gate [From inside the Server] and with SAMP Construction editor or something [From outside the Server] that might help the server soon if needed. I will Ad for this server on Facebook and other place where Possible. I have experience as higher rank then Moderator so i can handle Moderator. I am from +6 Timezone so I can also look after the server when others can't. at the end I just wanna say Give me a chance. That's all
Why out of all the applicants should we choose you?: You choose me because Server Moderator Can be admin in future. I was Co-Owner in another server. Owner made me Co-Owner cause of my good work. (I was Co-Owner so Why you am here?) I am here because The server is Down now. I was Co-Owner everything's was going right. The Server Owner was offline and don't want the server so maybe he don't pay for his server and that's Down. I have experience too. I wish I could Do better work here then the Last one Here.

IRL Name: Nirjhar Rahman
Age: 15
Time Zone: +6
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Limited RolePlay Moderator Application || Tron Steven
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