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 San Andreas Sheriff Department: David Ronalds | Leading

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PostSubject: San Andreas Sheriff Department: David Ronalds | Leading   Wed Nov 07, 2012 12:37 pm

Hi, I'm David, a new player in Limited Roleplay. I'm applying for leading SASD Here, as there is no SASD Topic.

IC Information

Full name: David Ronalds

Date and place of birth: 26/03/1986, At Los Santos.

Phone number: 3684

Brief life story ( Keep this less than 150 words ): David Ronalds, a 26 years guy, who lived a hard life. His dad, an LSPD Officer, has been killed by a big criminal, who still free in the city and unknown. David had 18 years when his dad is dead. He was having fun with hes friends when his dad got killed. David is a very experienced shooter. He can hold a gun, like when he was 14, he had a lot of Airsoft Guns. 2 years later, after David's dad death, he entered the S. A. Army, and holded for the first time a real gun. He trained with the army for 3 years, he's gone to fight Tierra Robada, and he got shot on hes chest, he was lucky cause he got a vest, but from that day, he quited and by a normal civilian. Now, he decide to join San Andreas Sheriff Department to know that Criminal who was the reason of his dad's death.

Previous employment: Craftman and Arms Dealer.

Have you ever been arrested? If so, explain: Nop.

Why would you make a good police officer? I wanna destroy the Arms Dealing.... I wanna destroy the Drugs dealing, I wanna make the city safe like it was before my dad is gone. Dad gonna be pround of me and same to you. I wanna be a HERO !!

In your opinion, why do you think you would be an asset to the SASD: Protect people. Like civilans, and hate criminals.

OOC Information

Average hours online daily: 2 - 4 hours (school days) | 4 - 6 hourse (vacation days)

Time zone: 12:00 - 13:00 | 18:30 - 21:00

Country of origin: Morocco

Native language: Arab

Can you read, write, and speak English fluently?: Yeap

Do you have Teamspeak, with a working microphone?: Nop :C

SA:MP RP experience: I'm a Good Roleplay'er.

Have you ever been a cop on any other server? If so, which and for how long?: I've been LSPD, NG, Tierra Robada before for the last 9 months, till the servers gone down.

Do you have any real life policing experience? If so, list what department, amount of years on the job, current rank.: Nooo !

Is the TV show Cops an accurate representation of police work, real or otherwise?: Yeap.

SFR gang experience: Never been in a Gang

Will your police officer account be your main character?: Yeap.

List any other characters you have ever made ( You may PM them to a recruiter if you do not wish to publicly list them ): No one.

Post 1 screenshot of your '/stats' here:

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San Andreas Sheriff Department: David Ronalds | Leading
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