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 Server Suggestions

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PostSubject: Server Suggestions   Tue Jan 01, 2013 3:45 am

This server is really promising, the scripts are good too but they also need a tweak here and there.

Here are my suggestion that would hopefully get noticed and help the server gain popularity:

RECOMMANDED BUT OPTIONAL: Change the server name in the server list. It`s not appealing at all as it is right now. Change it to something shorter like this Limited RPG Life(Free VIP3). It`s alot more appealing and players looking for a roleplay server would spot it easier due to the RPG word in the title.

1. First of all, the scripts. Writing /car engine to start and stop your engine is really a big waste of time considering how crucial this simple act is. There is a need for an urgent police unit and the player has to write /car engine...I suggest replacing this command with a shorter one /engine but I still strongly suggest making the car engine to start at the press of the button "2".

Fix the server automated mesasge that says: "Check out our forums" to "Check out our forums at"

This is optional but I`ve seen some servers in which you can enter buildings by pressing ENTER. This is optional but would really be a nice addition.

I don`t know if that`s how it`s supposed to work or the script is broken but I bought an Electric Alarm system and installed it on my Infernus, I lock it but I can still enter it. I`d suggest that it would be better and more realistic if not even the owner could enter the car while it`s locked, that`s way we can also prevent letting our cars open.

*Also work a bit more on the intro scripting. Add some music for example, right now when you log in and you just type in a password it feels like a ghost server, and even if it`s not that popular right now it doesn`t mean it shouldn`t improve. Adding music would instantly create a friendly feeling and it won`t make it look like a forgotten server no one has heard of.
-Preferably make log in view set to a nicely decorated place ( since I`ve seen you added a few objects like at the City Hall) or in a populated area where players tend to gather. That again will attract even more players when they see this server is nicely edited etc.
-Reduce the Auto-Refund and car refund rewards. For sure it attracts most of the current players, but the rewards are too damn high and after you also give the player a car they wonder around for a bit, maybe buy a house and then they realise they have more money than they would possibly ever need...And this really kills the economy and most players would mostly leave in about 15-20 minutes.

2. Gameplay

*We have some pretty nicely decorated places. But why the fudge do new players spawn in the middle of...where? Find a good place and decorate it a bit, preferably place it near the Drivers License spot so that new players can directly go and take their driving license when they spawn.

*Map Icons, I`ve seen some already which is really a good thing. I can`t express how much this little thing most of the server owners neglect influences the playerbase. There have been so many great servers I simply had to quit because there was not even a single icon on the map to point me in a place from where I could get a job or something. So work on some map icons for important places.

*Events- Host regular events, even daily events. Races, Hunter and Ducks and try thing of unique ones too.

*Encourage roleplaying by display tips, as you seem to already do. Tips like: Have you witnessed a car crash? Somebody`s injured? Use /call911


P.S: Tell me what you think and you are more than welcome to add more suggestions.

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PostSubject: Re: Server Suggestions   Fri Jan 04, 2013 3:54 am

John , we got a new forum :
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Server Suggestions
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