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 [READ]Unban Application!

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PostSubject: [READ]Unban Application!   Sat Apr 14, 2012 8:31 am

If you think you deserve another chance or you think you were banned by a mistake, you may post an unban-application in this section. Please fill out the form like this: (First_Last's Unban Appeal [0/0/0000]) If you fail to follow this simple format your application will be deleted/ignored.

If this code is not used in your application it will be auto Denied!
Post your application in the Archive folder!


Banned Character Name:
Date & Time of Ban:
Playing Hours:
Banned By:
Reason for Ban:

Give us a description of your ban:
Tell us why you should be unbanned:
Provide multiple screen shots showing this account is yours:

I (Your_Name) have learned my lession and will not do it again.
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[READ]Unban Application!
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