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 police application

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PostSubject: police application   Sat Jun 02, 2012 6:31 pm

Section 1.


Personal Details.

1. Last name:Story

2. First name:Derek

3. Address: Los Santos

4. Your nationality:American

5. Date of birth:09-15-1990

6. Languages spoken: English

7. Have you ever been arrested:nope

8. If you were arrested why were you arrest:

9. Proof of identity,address and age((SS of /stats)):?

Section 2.

((Still IC))

1. Do you have any knowledge about being a police officer((About 50 words)):yes i do my dad is a cop for carlsbad and iv got to do a ride along with him before and i want to become a cop when im older

2. Tell us a story about your self ((About 100))I like to roleplay im good at it its really fun but it would make it better if i could become a cop and i know what kind of responsibilities i will need to take charge of

3. Why do you think you would be helpful in our department:there isnt many cop in the police dep. which you guys could use more

4. Do you understand that,if you break any rules or even laws you might be suspended from the force or you might be even fired: yes that is why honesty always counts and i will never break the laws

5. Do you agree to follow all the rules and laws:yes i agree


Section 3.


1. Real name:Derek Story

2. Age:14

3. IG level:1

4. Time online each day:7-10

5. Have you ever been banned?: IF yes,why?:

6. What is your time zone:pacific

Applicants Signature Here:Derek Story
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PostSubject: Re: police application   Sun Jun 03, 2012 12:21 am

Dear Derek,

Your application is Denied as you didn't used the right Format.

Best regards,
Paul R.
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police application
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