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 Bill Gates Intro

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Bill Gates

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PostSubject: Bill Gates Intro   Wed Jun 06, 2012 12:18 am

Hey Guys, i've been around since the server really kicked off. I met Kruel in NGRP and joined his Mogilevich Mafia.

My Real name is Will St. John, on TS you can call me Will, St John, Semyon... What ever

I have 3 Accounts on this server:
#1 Bill Gates (Main)
#2 Bob The Builder (Admin)
#3 Sam Childers (Gangster)

I live in Australia so its a bitch to get good hours with those in America *Cough* Kruel *Cough*

I am Currently (6/06/2012) the President of San Andereas. I am hiring staff so if you would like to join please fill out an application Very Happy
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Bill Gates Intro
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